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J & B Metals MT Thorley Great Support to our Club

As we all work through the COVID 19 difficulties, our contractor has been busy removing the seating and structure on one of the old seating stands in preparation for the commencement of construction of our new Grandstand.

Singleton Rugby Club would like to acknowledge the great assistance and support from local company J & B Metals at MT Thorley. J & B’s assistance in supplying skips and removing scrap metal from the Club has greatly assisted our SRC in these troubled time.

J & B Metal Consultants specialise in the safe processing and removal of redundant plant and machinery on mine sites as well as total site clean ups. J & B employs a team of local staff who are dedicated to performing their duties to the highest standards while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

J & B Metal Consultants

Location Lot 64 Piercefield Road, Mount Thorley.

Phone 02 65746464


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