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Singleton Rugby Club has a proud tradition of sportsmanship, teamwork and camaraderie and has progressed extensively since the Club first played Rugby in 1967 and now celebrates over 50 years of local Rugby as a result.


Annual Singleton Rugby Club Old Bulls day 2023 !


The annual Singleton Rugby Club Old Bulls day is set for Saturday July 22. We are guaranteed to be witnessing success as the two Bulls teams will be playing each other. Kick off will be around 3pm.


With the sad news of the passing of one of the clubs legends, Warren Barry, both Scot and Nigel would like to invite all our Old Bulls to come along, so we can all share our memories of him and raise our glasses to honour Warren, at our Old Bulls day on Saturday.

Guests of honour will be the players from 1973, 1983 and 2013 premiership teams. That said, all ex-players and supporters are encouraged and welcome. The Old Bulls Association will supply culinary delicacies to soak up the lagers.We’ll start in the bar at around 1pm.

SOBS - Grand Poobah - Nigel and his erstwhile assistant, will be on hand to update memberships as well as sign up new members. Our numbers have doubled s
ince the start of the season. Let’s keep the momentum going !

Yours in Rugby
The SOBS Committee


Singleton Rugby 'Oldboys Club' - SOBS 2023

Greetings to all Old Bulls,

The Singleton Rugby 'Oldboys Club' or so we have been called the "SOBS" welcomes you for another year of rugby in 2023.

As the 2023 season draws near, we are endeavouring to get as many former players as possible involved with our great club.

SRC has some of the best facilities of any rugby club outside the metropolitan area, and we would be mad not to take advantage of them.

The Old Bulls objectives are:

1.  Support our local footballers on game day
2.  Support our licensed club and make the most of its facilities
3.  Assist and support players through our scholarship scheme thereby investing in our club's future.
4.  Catch up on game day with old team and club mates and enjoy a day out at the footy.

The SRC board have decided that the verandah area will be for the exclusive use of match day sponsors and Old Bulls members only during match day. We will again continue to compete in the Premier Rugby grades of the Newcastle and Hunter Rugby Championship, so what better excuse do we have to catch up with some of our lifelong mates and fellow members than joining our team. Our bodies may not be as nimble as they once were but supporting our great club is something we can do as a former player and supporter.

We currently have around 25 plus members and are hoping to increase these numbers and with your and other's support increase these numbers dramatically in the coming year.

The SOBS members will have a key role in the support of the playing group and the facilities that we know are second to none in the Hunter Valley NSW Country region, if not regional Australia. We are hoping you will support us with your presence at games both Home and Away. Our Club, and financially with an annual grant from the Oldboys fund to the Playing group, a great way for us to give back to the club that gave us all so many great memories.

There are a two SOBS Membership Options of which you are all invited to register for, and they are as follows;

(PLEASE NOTE: This account is managed by 1 SRC Board Director, SRC President, and SOBS Director)

Option 1 - $150 Single payment includes:

  • Season pass – entry to all home games at Rugby Park,

  • Singleton and Old Bulls Membership,

  • SOBS Hoodie



Option 2 - $260 Ultimate Supporter Pack includes:


  • Season pass – entry to all home games at Rugby Park, Singleton and Old Bulls Membership.

  • Happy Hour drinks to the end of the last game at each home game.

  • SOBS hoodie

  • $100 to the SRC Rugby Scholarship Program10

  • Choose to either pay single lump sum or $5 per week direct debit from your bank account to SOBS bank account (52 weeks x $5 = $260)


We hope you can encourage any former players to join us to make 2023 a season to remember.


Nigel &

Singleton Rugby Club Oldboys

(PLEASE NOTE: SOBS Membership is totally independent - and NOT part of the normal Rugby Club Membership

This is not only for Ex-Players, it is also for former Managers, Strappers, Zambucks, Trainers, Coaches, and Supporters, so as you see we do not discriminate.

If you decide to join or if you already have, there will be updates of upcoming home or away games through text messages and email, communication by email of the Bulls Bulletin each month and NHRU program, any relevant information happening at Rugby Park, and information of what is going on within the SOBS team.

As you will see, there are many more that have pulled on the Bulls Jersey or cheered from the sideline since Fats Halter first handed them out all those years ago, so if you can forward onto anyone you may think is interested, it would be much appreciated.

So, we can update our database for ease of communication please add your contact details to the application or email us your updated details.
If there are any issues or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 12.32.24

Thanks, Yours in Rugby,

Singleton Rugby Club Oldboys


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