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Grant Funding to Improve Our Club Facilities

Singleton Rugby Club has recently received $52,000 Grant funding via the NSW Governments Stronger Communities Fund. This funding will assist the Club to complete various improvements projects around our facility.

Please note: that there is 'No Parking' in the centre of the car park area at any time, and the club is working to complete the car park works asap.

The Club will use the funding to:

  • Install power operated security shutters on the upstairs balcony area

  • Install a new security camera and improved lighting in the car park area

  • Removal of tress and stumps behind the Club house that have damaged the old fencing and the Club house

  • Replaced 75m of fencing behind the Club house with colour bond fencing

  • and install an aluminium screen and car stoppers and in the car park area.

The improvements are part of the SRC Boards strategic plan securing our club’s future and promoting social inclusion, community engagement and improving security and safety at our Club.

The works have commenced and over the next few months our members and patrons will be able to see the improvements could to life.

Singleton Rugby Club would like to thank the NSW Government for the grant funding and support to our great Club.


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