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Ladies Day Event and Fund Raiser

Successful Ladies Day Event raises $11,500 to support local families affected by the recent bus tragedy.

The Singleton Rugby Club is thrilled to announce the successful outcome of its annual Ladies Day event, which raised an impressive total of $11,500 to provide support to local families affected by the recent bus tragedy. The event, held on Saturday 1st July, brought together the community in a day filled with fun, compassion, and camaraderie.

From left to right: Cameron Williams (Secretary, Singleton Rugby Club), Gerard McMillan (Immediate Past President, Rotary Club of Singleton Sunrise), John Tyne (Senior Vice President, Singleton Rugby Club), Kevin McGree (Current President, Rotary Club of Singleton Sunrise), Dylan Hixon (President, Singleton Australian Football Club), Beck Lojszczyk (Ladies Day Organising Committee Member), Maggie Mulholland (Ladies Day Organising Committee Member), Kristy Hedley (Ladies Day Organising Committee Member)

The Ladies Day event, organised by the Singleton Rugby Club in collaboration with local businesses and sponsors, aimed to provide both entertainment and support to the community. Attendees enjoyed a range of activities, including live music, a delectable grazing board, a vibrant photo booth, and a raffle featuring over 35 generous prize donations from local businesses.

The event's success was greatly amplified by the enthusiastic backing of attendees and local sponsors, with Mortgage Choice Hunter Valley at the forefront. Not only were they the main sponsor, but their head office made a remarkable contribution of $3,500 which also played a pivotal role in the day's success. "We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming response from our community and the dedication of our sponsors. Their combined efforts will make a tangible difference in the lives of families directly affected by the recent bus tragedy," shared Kristy Hedley, a member of the Ladies Day Organising Committee at Singleton Rugby Club.

The funds raised at the Ladies Day event will be directed towards the Rotary fund, specifically established to offer assistance and relief to families directly impacted by the recent bus tragedy. This tragedy deeply affected the local community, prompting the Singleton Rugby Club to dedicate the event to not only bring the community together but also supports those directly impacted.

The Singleton Rugby Club expressed its gratitude to the local businesses, the band, volunteers, and attendees for their contributions, dedication, and enthusiasm. The event showcased the true essence of community solidarity and compassion.

As Kristy stated, "The success of this event demonstrates the power of unity and community. We are heartened by the generosity of our sponsors and attendees, and we're proud to be able to raise such a large amount for the fund."

The Singleton Rugby Club looks forward to continuing its commitment to community engagement and support through various initiatives in the future.


Kristy Hedley, Ladies Day Organising Committee

0428 745 245


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